We pray for life giving rain.
For the men and women who grow crops and care for animals that produce food.
For all children who live in drought areas who may not have basic needs being met at this time.
For all in drought affected areas who suffer depression and anxiety because they have lost hope.
For ourselves that we will generously support our neighbours battling drought.

The Swag, the quarterly magazine of The National Council of Priests of Australia, provides a forum for publishing progressive but responsible Catholic thinking within the Church, featuring a wide range of topics from local and international contributors.

Closing date for submission for 2018 Summer Edition – Monday, 29 October 2018

About The Swag

The Swag is published quarterly by the National Council of Priests of Australia as a service to Catholic clergy of Australia, and through them to the Church and the wider community.

Returned to God

We honour the life and ministry of our deceased clergy. Obits can be emailed to the NCP National Office. Specifications: Text as a Word Document (max. 350 words). Digital photos not less than 300 KB sent as a separate .jpg file (not to be included in the Word Document).

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