The emergence of synodality and the inadequacy of Canon Law

“Historically the Church has never been regulated exclusively by legal codes,” says Massimo Faggioli in La Croix International October 2, 2019. Reprinted with permission. Faggioli is an historian and theologian at Villanova University.

Plenary Council rocket science a matter of trust

Andrew Hamilton SJ, consulting editor of Eureka Street, considers the hopes and possible dangers of the Plenary Council Process. Reprinted with permission from Eureka Street August 5, 2019. 

Third Australian Plenary Council 3-10 September 1905

This is Part 2 of the article by Peter Wilkinson examining the 1905 Third Australian Plenary Council. Part 1 appeared in the Spring 2019 edition. It is also the sixth in the series looking at the particular (provincial and plenary) councils of the Catholic Church held in Australia between 1844 and 1937.

The torment of powerlessness

This is an edited version of a talk by Danny Gilbert, Co-Chair Cape York Partnership at the Garma Festival 2019 on Constitutional reform for the inclusion of Aboriginal people. The full talk can be viewed at: 

Synodality means walking together

Synodality is the way Pope Francis is shaping a new conversation in the Church writes Father Myron Pereira SJ who is a media consultant based in Mumbai, India. This article looks at how this might work at the Amazon Synod. Does it have implications for the Australian Plenary? Reprinted with permission from La Croix International September 6, 2019.