Address to the Synod on Synodality 23 October 2023

Ormond Rush is a priest of the Townsville Diocese, Associate Professor and Reader, Australian Catholic University, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Research Centre for Studies of the Second Vatican Council, and Institute for Religion & Critical Inquiry. Invited theologian to the Synod on Synodality.

Franciscan bishop implements Jesuit pope’s synodal vision in Australia

Christopher White,  NCR Vatican Correspondent

With thanks to National Catholic Reporter (NCR) and Christopher White, where this article originally appeared.  Republished in full with permission from the author, and from the NCR and from Catholic Outlook of the Parramatta Diocese where this article also appeared on 2 December, 2023.

Catholic Seminaries in Australia: 1835-2023

Peter J Wilkinson

Part 4:  St Patrick’s College Manly and growth period.

St Patrick’s College, Manly

The Voice: Catholic considerations

Sr Antonia Curtis OSB is a Benedictine Sister at Jamberoo Abbey, NSW. She wrote this article last Lent for Catholic Outlook, the communications arm of the Parramatta Diocese, before the referendum failed. We reprint this article with the permission of Catholic Outlook. She recently conducted an online retreat on Aboriginal Spirituality with Theresa Ardler of the Dahrawal Nation. You can access the course, Sacred Connections at

Catholic Church stories in 2024 in the USA – are there parallels in Australia?

Michael Sean Winters wrote this article in the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) in early January this year. Although he writes mainly about the Catholic scene in the USA, can we see parallels in the Church in Australia? (Reprinted with the permission of the NCR and the author.)