Polarization in the Church and the crisis of the Catholic mind

Massimo Faggioli writes on the destructive nature of polarization in the Catholic Church today. He claims it is a new phenomenon that is driving people away. Reprinted with permission from La Croix International, Nov 27, 2017: www.international.la-croix.com

Second Australian Provincial Council 18-25 April 1869

Peter Wilkinson

This is the third article in the series on the seven particular councils held in Australia between 1844 and 1937 published in The Swag. It examines the 1869 2nd Australian Provincial Council which addressed five main issues: Catholic education, marriage, the formation of priests, clerical support & temporal goods and the evangelization of Australia’s indigenous peoples. 

Catholic women speak out on child sexual abuse

Marilyn Hatton & Moira Coombs

“The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Report  and its recommendations are essential for the care and protection of children and care of victims and their families. They are also important steps in preventing the perpetuation of the destructive clerical culture that produced the horrifying sexual abuse in the Catholic Church,” Marilyn Hatton and Moira Coombs write. Marilyn Hatton, the current coordinator of the Australian Catholic Coalition for Church Renewal, was one of the Australian representatives at the 2016 Chicago meeting of International Reforming Priests and Reform Groups and represents Australia on the international group Women’s Ordination Worldwide (WOW) Executive Committee. She is a founding member of Catholics Speak Out. Moira Coombs is a member of Catholics Speak Out and Concerned Catholics.

Recommendations of the Royal Commission for the Catholic Church  

The Recommendations for the Catholic Church from the Royal Commission are published here in full.

Melbourne’s new Archbishop

Eric Hodgens

Australia’s bishops urgently need a visionary, charismatic leader to reclaim public credibility for the church argues Eric Hodgens, Melbourne priest.