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From the NCP Chairman

October was focussed on the A.F.L. trade and draft periods and perhaps the Church in Australia should entertain the idea of a trade and draft period. This could be the solution to filling the vacant dioceses!

Approaching grace gently?

Pope Francis is the first pope since John XXIII to take up ecumenism seriously but not so much with the groundbreaking multi-denominational and multi-faith vision of Vatican II. Francis is trying to address ecumenism internally.

Pope Francis and the challenges of the church today

Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen has laid out a vision for an inclusive compassionate church in Parramatta diocese.

International Church Reform Conference in Chicago

Ian McGinnity, priest of Parramatta diocese and past NCP chairman and Tony Flannery CSsR, founding member of the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland and currently on the the Leadership Team reflect on the conference in Chicago.

Launching out into the deep

Pat Power preached this homily at the ordination of Adam Crouch and Daniel Serratore on October 7 at St Christopher’s Cathedral, Manuka. This homily has much to encourage us all in participating in the life of the church.

Pope’s call for unity on the 500th Anniversary of Reformation

Pope Francis was invited to Lund in Sweden, where the Lutheran World Federation was founded in 1947, to inaugurate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

The plebiscite on same sex marriage

Now that the 2016 federal election is done and dusted, we need to consider what is a responsible, informed position to take on the proposed plebiscite on same sex marriage.

Ever grateful for the gift of gratitude

Being a slow learner in life’s lessons it’s taken me several decades to emerge as a half decent human being let alone a priest of substance. My older and wiser brother Peter reckons I’m a late developer; some might say “so late you nearly missed out”.

Tackling indigenous incarceration in NT

In the not so distant past, when I was a young priest in a parish, it was absolutely the norm for people to smoke cigarettes, cigars or puff on a pipe. At the most prestigious dinners there would be several ashtrays on the table.

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