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From the NCP Chairman

What does it mean to be a bishop in today’s Church? Who would want to be a bishop in today’s Church? Mgr Stephen Rossetti in his Ten Steps to Priestly Holiness, Our Journey into Joy, encourages priests to love the Church and to love their bishop.

Election time and a Christian response

As I write it looks like we are heading for an election on July 2. Politicians will be vying for our votes on many important issues. Less obvious will be asylum seekers, foreign aid, climate change and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage and incarceration.

“Let Our Church Doors Be Open”

Priests from across Australia are steadily registering to participate in our fast approaching NCP National Convention. If you are yet to make a decision to attend – let me help you! You will be warmly welcomed and feel a strong sense of camaraderie and inclusiveness during the four days of the Convention.

Why the delays in appointing Australia’s Bishops?

Peter Wilkinson focuses on an analysis of bishops’ appointments in Australia and a way to improve these in the future.

Selecting new bishops – a proposal involving the faithful

This year, nine new Australian diocesan bishops could be appointed – NINE! – including a new archbishop of Melbourne. This is an opportunity for inspiring leadership with the help of the people of each diocesan community.

The state we’re in – and how to get out of it

Declining numbers of priests looking after declining numbers of practitioners is a picture that reflects just how much the Roman Catholic Church in Europe is not in good shape. In a few years it will be gone.

After the Synod – Re-arranging Priorities

Pope Francis has recently published The Joy of Love following on the two recent meetings of the Synod. His message is that marriage is sometimes joyous, sometimes disastrous, but nearly always complex.

A Bishop reflects with his priests

Bishop Peter Ingham offered these words to the clergy of the Diocese of Wollongong at the annual post Christmas clergy gathering.

Amoris Laetitia: Now for the Discernment

The joy and love that the Church acknowledges and celebrates in marriage, family and associated human relationships, are central to the theological and pastoral ecology of the letter.

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