Letters to the Editor

The Church in Dubai

Last June I was given the opportunity to visit the United Arab Emirates. It is unlike any other place that I had ever been to in so many ways. For a start the heat had to be experienced to be believed, of a night time it was usually 35 degrees and then of a daytime about 42 degrees.

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Australian Head of State and flag

Like many other Australians I await the day we have an Australian Head of State (hereafter called President). Both the prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and the leader of the opposition Bill Shorten are republicans. Why can`t they get together and organise a referendum on the issue? To do it properly we’d probably need two referendums.

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Message from The Tablet regarding recent mailing difficulties

We are aware of a number of reports relating to delays in The Tablet reaching our Australian readers. If this has affected you, we would like to issue the following explanation and apology.

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