Book and Film Reviews

Sevenhill: rich fruits from a small seed

The formidable story of the Jesuits of Sevenhill in South Australia’s Clare Valley is told in a new book which documents their remarkable contribution to religion, spirituality and the wine industry.

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Apostasy and endurance in a hostile Japan

Scorsese is often quoted as stating that he is a Roman Catholic, first and last, and that he has seen his role as film director as akin to that of the priest, incarnating transcendent values in his films.

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The deeply human Jesus rediscovered

A very young monk once asked a very old monk: “What is a monk?” The old monk replied: “A monk is someone who asks himself every day, ‘What is a monk?’” Christians are those who ask themselves everyday: “Who is Jesus?” There can be no final answer to that question. But there can be growth in understanding and intimacy – or not.

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