Redesign Help

Welcome to the new website for The Swag. We hope the new design will help you discover more articles about subjects of interest to you as well as improving your reading experience. The redesign allows us to provide more images and rich media to supplement articles.

To help with the transition from the old site to the new, we’d like to show you how to navigate the site and introduce some of the new design elements.

Old ➞ New Transition

There were two main ways to navigate the old website:

  1. Directly to each article over several pages
  2. Or through the ‘categories’ on the right-hand side.

Both of these effectively still exist:

  • The Homepage, and
  • The Menu


The homepage has been designed to be lighter, more open, and easier to quickly find articles.

Instead of scrolling and clicking through several pages as on the old site, you can now quickly access all sections of the magazine directly from the homepage.


Menu Dropdown exampleFrom the menu bar, you can access every article in the current edition of The Swag.  The categories are exactly the same as in the magazine, eg Australian News, Features, Book Reviews and so on.

You can access past editions of the magazine as well as downloading the PDF versions from the Past Editions menu option.


Search box exampleThe entire website can be searched using the Search function box at the top of each page. Just hit Enter or click the arrow once you have finished typing.

PDF Download

PDF Download exampleTo download the print version of the current edition as a PDF, first make sure you’re logged in as a subscriber.  Now move your curser over the Edition name in the Menu and a menu option will drop down with the download link.

To download past editions as a PDF, go to Past Editions on the menu bar, and click Archive.


A new menu option is the Noticeboard, which contains all the notices and reminders from the NCP.

Text resize

Text Resize example

You can make the text larger (or smaller) by clicking on the different “A” buttons at the top of each page.

Other Articles by this Author

On the left-side of each article, you’ll not only see a photo of the author (if provided), but also a selection of other articles the author has previously written for The Swag.

Other Related Articles

A new way of navigating the website is by the subject matter of an article. Based on the overall themes of the article, the left-side menu will feature a selection of other stories that cover similar subjects – for example Pope Benedict’s resignation; the ensuing papal election; the Royal Commission or Vatican II etc. 

Other changeover settings

Please be assured that all the other settings you previously had with the old website will still continue to work:

  • The website address and links to old articles will remain the same.
  • Articles will still appear in your RSS feed without any changes.
  • Your subscriber login details will continue to work.

If you have further questions, please email