Letters to the Editor

Where are the leaders in our Church?

A very, very hearty thank you for the Winter Issue of The Swag. The articles on the sex abuse crisis were very sad but very enlightening. I’m well past retirement age but I do celebrate a 10.30am Mass every Sunday, alternating between Park Orchards and North Ringwood, Melbourne.

Truth, Justice and Healing Council CEO applauded

I first met Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council, at the time of the Royal Commission hearings into Institutional Responses to Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church in 2015. I found him to be a profoundly decent man.

Need for change in the church

It has becoming clear to me that clericalism is killing the church. I agree with Vincent Jewell (A tale of two Catholicisms – Uganda and Australia, Winter 2017), that ‘our church is a despised and dwindling sect’. The Royal Commission exposed more than just sexual abuse, it exposed pathetic incompetence in church leadership. These leaders […]

Bishop Mulkearns 

My old friend and ally in a few campaigns, Michael Parer, introduced his letter about Bishop Ronald Mulkearns (Winter, 2017) by noting that my article in the preceding issue (Autumn, 2017) “interestingly” featured “a fresh-faced photo of young Ron before the toll of his 26 years in office”.

Bishop Mulkearns

My contributions over the past year are obviously being read, as they have occasioned a variety of reflections.