Towards a change of parish contours

Catholic parishThe chapter, ‘Catholic Parish 2030’, appeared in the book Will Catholic Schools be Catholic in 2030 co-authored by Patrician Brother, Aengus Kavanagh, and Ursuline Sister, Leone Pallisier. The following article is an updated and nuanced extract of that chapter written by Aengus Kavanagh.

Ecclesia semper reformanda est – Catch-cry of Pope Francis and a crying need of our time

In so many ways, Pope Francis has entreated reform and renewal, consistently warning that a ‘more of the same’ mindset is an obstacle in a church wishing to remain relevant in the lives of its people, and in society. He envisions the parish as a place with great evangelisation potential on the presumption that … it is really in contact with the homes and lives of its people, and does not become a useless structure out of touch with people or a self-absorbed structure made up of a chosen few… Francis further believes that: The parish is not an outdated institution; precisely because it possesses great flexibility, it can assume quite different contours depending on the openness and missionary creativity of the pastor, and the community (Evangelii Gaudium # 28)

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