Association of Catholic Priests

Hands in the airThe US Association of Catholic Priests has produced a proposal for lay pastoral care in priest-less parishes. Experience shows we need personal presence of authorized pastoral ministers, ordained or non-ordained, working in collaboration and within the principle of subsidiarity. Here is the document, Proposal for Pastoral Care In & Thru Priestless Parishes. 

Key elements of The Pastoral Task

  1. Leadership: to create a vision with the parish community: “the purpose for which we are here,” and form persons
    in the faith and train them for ministry and service.
  2. Care: To visit the faithful, especially in time of sickness and death, but as much as possible, know and be known by all and to be present to the whole community.
  3. Governance: To take responsibility for the day to day coordination of parish activities, and take initiative as need to motivate, to correct, and to affirm persons who work in the parish ministries; and where needed, provide conflict resolution and reconciliation. To be a true pastoral leader he/she must lead worship where appropriate, and likewise break open the Word. In short, he/she would be in the role of pastor, excepting sacramental ministry, and under the supervision of the canonical pastor.
    (per Canon 517.2)
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