Partnership to bring tenderness and compassion to the entire human family

Palms working in schools

Roger O’Halloran writes about a new partnership between Palms Australia and Catholic Mission. Roger is Executive Director of Palms Australia which aims to advance mutually enriching and challenging relationships of understanding, acceptance and care, to the point of sharing worlds of meaning in the deepest sense, with people of a culture different from one’s own. 

Mission Month 2016 heralded the beginning of a partnership between Palms Australia and Catholic Mission, with great potential to underpin improved impacts in global mission and development. The partnership anticipates the ongoing participation of the Australian Church in a mission that otherwise might have ended with the decline of available religious personnel. An initial triumph of the new partnership has been the negotiation of a Project Agreement, which, for the first time, will combine our strengths in: “Responding to Mission and Development Volunteer requests in Global Communities.”

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