Fostering the faith journey

Bishop David Walker, retired and sometimes working at The Centre, Randwick, is developing a program for priests in the faith journey. It will be run in as a joint programme of the Bishops’ Committee on Priestly Life and Ministry and the Centre for Christian Spirituality at Randwick. Bishop David is looking for comments and suggestions to enhance the value of the course.

Reflecting on my seventeen years as bishop of Broken Bay diocese, two thoughts repeatedly come to me. The first is the desire of many lay faithful to have a deeper relationship with our risen Lord, and secondly the lack of confidence in many priests to work directly with the faithful in this important area. I believe that the priest is not just there to proclaim the Gospel, but also to actively foster and assist the faithful to deepen their intimacy with the Lord. Priests have been educated to be competent in the proclamation of the Word. However their formation has not always equipped them equally well to actively involve themselves in the personal growth in faith of the people they serve. This involvement is central to our ministry as priests.

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