Ever grateful for the gift of gratitude

Fr Kevin Burke, Eltham parish, Archdiocese of Melbourne, reflects on the role of gratitude in overcoming the temptation to pessimism in a most difficult world and church.

Being a slow learner in life’s lessons it’s taken me several decades to emerge as a half decent human being let alone a priest of substance. My older and wiser brother Peter reckons I’m a late developer; some might say “so late you nearly missed out”. Having contributed to and lived through nearly three years of volatility and turbulence here in the energetic parish of Eltham I’ve been privileged to experience some of the fruits of the Spirit such as peace, joy, trust in recent years. Looking over that whole period I feel a deep sense of gratitude to our God who sustains and nourishes us and to our church, parishioners, brother priests and hierarchy for their incredible patience, perseverance, affirmation and support.


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