NCP 2016 Convention

NCP 2016 Convention
“Let Our Church Doors Be Open”

25-29 July 2016 – The Pullman Albert Park, Melbourne

Keynote Presenter: Dr Massimo Faggioli

After the fresh blasts from the recent Synod and pastoral wide open vision of Pope Francis, we have set about planning the time for exploration and conversation at our own fast approaching July Convention. A constant in the evaluations received from previous conventions was the request for ample time to be provided to explore and discuss mutual pastoral issues.

So we are delighted to inform you what is in place, so that the Convention breathes a warm openness with wide, helpful horizons.

On the Wednesday afternoon we are providing nine very different break-out groups so that convention participants have two hours to explore issues of their choice with key people working in fields of pastoral care and community.

  • NCP Conventions are usually held in cities yet so much work across Australia happens in local rural communities. An outstanding articulate presence has emerged in Cathy McGowan, the imaginative parliamentary member for Indi in North Eastern Victoria. Cathy will explore with her group “Working with Rural Communities”.
  • From yet another vastly different perspective, Associate Prof Mary Coloe PBVM will present a session entitled “Helpful Developments in Scriptural Studies for Preachers”.
  • We intend to literally throw open the doors and take a group of convention participants on a tram ride down St Kilda Road to the National Gallery of Victoria. Education officer, David Menzies will invite participants to take a walk through the gallery with a focus on “The Search for Belief”.
  • Eric Hodgens has become a popular writer for The Swag with that curious mixture of drawing from the world of scholarship and bringing things together in diverse pastoral situations. Eric’s starting point will be “Considering things I have written in The Swag”.
  • ‘Catholic Identity’ is a buzz word emanating from some vital projects at the University of Leuven, Belgium. A most exciting aspect of this project is applying the possibility of a ‘Catholic Identity’ in our schools. John Reddan from the Catholic Education Office Melbourne will facilitate this session.
  • Frank Brennan has really become the most significant voice in Catholic intellectual life in Australia. He is articulate, informed and imaginative in his pastoral analysis of current political and social issues. Frank will lead a conversation on the Church in the Public Square.
  • Frank O’ Loughlin is one of our revered figures in the Melbourne Church. His recent booklet This Time of the Church names what we are trying to grapple with today as we move from a defensive confessional church to a voice amongst many voices in contemporary society.
  • We are delighted to hear Robert Mickens will be joining us from Rome for the Convention. His articles in Global Pulse are gems and his exploration “What’s happening behind the scenes” will certainly touch on hot button issues.
  • Ian Waters is arguably one of Australia’s best qualified and experienced Canon Lawyers. His recently stimulating workshop amongst with Melbourne Priests is being made available to participants of the Convention. His sensitive topic is “Offering or refusing Sacraments in pastoral situations”.

Key speakers will want to listen as well as be listened to in the setting out of pastoral strategies and models.

With a superb keynote speaker, Dr Massimo Faggioli and well-designed interactive group sessions our July convention promises to be exciting and helpful.

Michael Elligate, Convention Planning Committee

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