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NCP Chairman

I write my final missive to you as Chairman of the NCP (my swansong or swagsong), on the feast of All Saints, appropriately the occasion for remembering all the Saints canonised or unrecognised. In the world we often view things from the perspective of opposites. You are either: a saint or a sinner, progressive or a traditionalist, angel or demon, member of the NCP or the ACCC et cetera.

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Peter Maher

In a recent address to Catalyst for Renewal, a Catholic reform group in Melbourne, Frank Brennan SJ summed up the current position of Pope Francis thus: ‘Recently on his visit to the USA, Francis told the bishops gathered at Baltimore: “A Christianity that ‘does’ little in practice, while incessantly ‘explaining’ its teachings, is dangerously unbalanced. I would even say that it is stuck in a vicious circle.”

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Letters to the Editor

Mass without the Consecration?

Robert Taft SJ wrote an article in Worship in 2003, called Mass without the Consecration? The historic agreement between the Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East, Promulgated 26 October 2001. The Assyrian Church of the East is not in full communion with Rome but Rome recognises it has the full Eucharistic faith in the presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. It has a valid priesthood and valid sacraments.

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